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Core Banking Solutions

Core Banking technology is a term used generally to define back office systems used by banks to manage their core business processes. This core system covers all the processes of all products services and information of a bank. Core Banking is an integrated core solution that will provide functionality such as:

  • All the non-dynamic information about the customer, business entity or group and relationships
  • All bank liability accounts; savings; fixed deposits; current accounts etc.
  • All Bank asset accounts; loans; mortgages; credit facilities
  • Bank General Ledger, Manage Information; Bank Financials
  • Payment systems; Real Time Settlement;
  • Card systems; Electronic Funds Transfer at the Point of Sale; Automated Teller Machines, Credit card systems; and other electronic payments and transaction handling systems
  • Reporting and compliance with regulatory requirements

Core Banking is the heart of a modern financial organization and is all about providing the banking customers with the right products at the right time through the right business channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a multi location, multi branch network.

Core banking team of ISCOM has successfully accomplished a number of large projects for global banks in various areas like application development, development of online and batch interfaces to other applications and their integration into the overall application backbone.

Banking IT Projects
We are experienced in banking infrustructures in Turkey and Europea. We have experiences in developing interfaces for Schufa, Deltavista, FirstData, BankVerlag, MultiCash, ATM data processing, European Fund Transfer systems etc. We can help financial organisations finding the right solutions for their payment, credit cards, loans and many other processes.
Contact Outbound Scheduling
We have experience in developing contact outbound scheduling infrustructure for financial organisations. This kind of structures especially used in contact-centers or in debt collection departments.
Credit Cards Processing
We have experience in credit card and paycards processes. We have experience in instant issuing systems. Instant Issuing enables financial organisations to print credit cards or paycards in the store in seconds.

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