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Dynamic & Instant Card Embossing Solutions

ISCOM's In-Branch Instant Issuing consulting services allows financial organisations to issue smart cards remotely in several minutes. The customer receives the card quickly and can use it immediately.

Card issuing process is the first step in a customer's relationship with a bank, but usually it takes much time. Using In-Branch Instant Issuing, you can win the confidence of your new customers. A client comes to a bank branch or a representative office, orders a card - and it is embossed and personalised in several minutes.

  • Fast in-branch personalisation
  • Any plastic card types
  • Optimisation of issuing costs
  • Embossing the cards in minutes

Instant Card Issuing
Instantly issuing credit cards in-branch and in retail locations eliminates the cost of hiring a third party vendor to issue a plastic card as well as associated postage charges.
Customized Cards Solutions
ISCOM gives consulting solutions to allows retailers to instantly issue secure credit and loyalty cards to customers at the point of sale.

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