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Online Banking Solutions

With a fully integrated Internet Banking Solution, financial institutions can optimize internal systems and processes, provide a comprehensive view of financial activity for users and easily integrate additional capabilities. By reinforcing the online offerings with quality service and support, financial institutions can further improve customer relationships and benefit from an increase in overall profitability.

Info Services Account Opening
  • Interest & Exchange Rates
  • Account Summary & Activity
  • Transaction List & Loan Info
  • Combined Account Statement
  • Current Account Opening
  • TD Opening
  • Roll-Over Instruction
Credit Cards Investment Products
  • Credit Card Info
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Credit Card Payment Instruction
  • Reward Request
  • ATM-Pin Request
  • Credit Card Limit Change Request
  • Lost Stolen Notification
  • REPO Instruction
  • Investment Funds
  • Prices (+G&L Ratios)
  • Funds and Stocks Portfolio Inquiry
  • Buy/Sell Funds
  • Place a Sell Order
  • Funds Transaction List
  • Buy/Sell Order, Order Inquiry
Funds Transfer Transfer Instructions
  • Between Accounts
  • Transfer by Recipient Name
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • One Off Payment Instruction
  • Standing Instruction
  • Standing Instruction List
Utility Payments Debit Cards
  • Bill Payment
  • Utility Payment Instructions
  • Account Linkage
  • New Pin Request
  • Lost/Stolen Notification
Overdraft SMS
  • Overdraft Request
  • Limit Change Request
  • Add / Cancel SMS Notification
  • Credit Card SMS Notifications
  • SMS Notification List

Online Banking
ISCOM offers online banking solutions and value-added services, both to financial institutions and their account holders. These online banking solutions enable financial institutions to attract new consumers, streamline internal processes and create new sources of revenue.
Financial Store Portals
ISCOM offers financial store-portal application solutions which enable the financial institutions and their business partners to reach more customers. More partners and customers result in earning more merchant fee.

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