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Comprehensive Approach for IT Consulting

ISCOM developers provide cost effective solutions for complex business requirements. Our consulting / development services are based on current business needs and expected growth requirements. This detailed requirement analysis allows us to suggest the optimal and ideal deployment platform and efficient software infrustructure. You get the best return on investment for current architecture and a lower cost for future extension.

IT Solution Which Meets Your Objectives

Offered IT consulting solution of ISCOM is the result of the careful analysis of the customer's requirements as well as the business and IT infrastructures:

  • Current IT infrastructure and its hardware and software items of the customer
  • System scalability for business growth strategies
  • System performance rates based on number of users and data storage/transaction volumes for today and for future
  • Persistent system reliability
Selection of Deployment Platform

Successful implementation needs selection of proper deployment platform.

Our software consultants assist you to select the proper deployment platform including OS, application servers, database servers and suitable development technology. We make comprehensive analysis of your business requirements and objectives and we offer a deployment platform which provides suitable capabilities at the best price.

Different software technologies such as Java, .Net, J2EE or Oracle needs different deployment platforms. We specify hardware requirements in our IT consulting proposals.

We are flexible to choose low-cost or open source application servers for small projects or choose more complex platforms for big and critical IT projects. We take into account scalability and work quickly with new IT technologies as they become available.

GUI Design Consulting
Well designed Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables end users an efficient work experience. Professional look-and-feel graphical layouts enhances the user interface and creates a positive experience. We focus on delivering professional, clean, standardized GUI's with easy data entry interfaces.
GUI Design Features
The advantages of delivered Graphical User Interface(GUI) are:
  • Accurate, easy and attractive layout and look-and-feel
  • Corporate Identity (CI)
  • Corporate branding identity

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