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Outsourcing Models

ISCOM delivers you the most suitable outsourcing model for your project and business needs. We can build various types of outsourcing models for your business. For instance we can set up special Outsourcing Development Centers, develop software projects on a Fixed-Price basis or you may buy the Timesheet based developer hours.

Fixed-Price Based Outsourcing Model

By this model we commit to fixed-price, fixed deadlines and fixed scope of work. This outsourcing model is convenient for software projects with well defined business and technical requirements. Even if you do not have well defined requirements and specifications, you can hire our engineers to prepare them. As a result of this preparation phase, you will get a Fixed-Price quote for project development and receive a full scale Technical Proposal.

Advantages of the Fixed-Price Based Outsourcing Model
  • Project deadline is known before the initialization of project.
  • Fixed costs and fixed budget.
  • After the approval of technical proposal, ISCOM is responsible to complete the project on specified time and on specified budget.

Fixed-Price Based Outsourcing Project Steps
  • Our consultants review the project requirements and specifications, they define the scope of the project. We can also prepare detailed requirements specification for your project.
  • We will deliver a proposal for your review, affter understanding the scope of your requirements. If you accept our proposal, we start the development.
  • At the end of the development, you will perform business acceptance tests and examine the quality of project deliverables.
  • We implement the requested change-requests during development, but it can change project cost and delivery dates.

Developer Hours (Timesheet) Based Outsourcing Model

Developer hours based outsourcing model is suitable for customers who do not have well-defined business or technical requirements, need research tasks, or want ongoing change-requests, project enhancements.

Advantages of the Timesheet Based Outsourcing Model
  • We do not need detailed and well-defined requirement specifications before project start.
  • Customer can define, enhance and change requirements during the development process.
  • Customer can prioritize project tasks and activities.
  • We bill the exactly spent working hours in Timesheet.

Timesheet Based Outsourcing Project Steps
  • We can get tasks daily, weekly, monthly or after completion of the previous tasks according to your priorities.
  • The customer and ISCOM consultant(s) agree on an aproximately time estimation for the task. PM (Project manager) assigns the specified task to the consultant and controls the task.
  • Immediately after task request, our consultant(s) will work on the specified task.
  • Weekly or monthly, we send for your approval a detailed timesheet (Time Spent Report) by task(s) and by software consultant(s).

Development Centers Based Outsourcing Model

We can build Development Center (Dedicated Softwa Developers Team) which work exclusively for your enterprise. The outsourcing model is suitable for long-term relationships with customer projects.

Advantages of Development Centers Based Outsourcing Model
  • Development, testing-QA, deployment and support staff resources are reserved for the customer.
  • The customer has flexibility of scheduling tasks and priorities.
  • Reduced paper-stuff and approval time for project and well-communication within the customer's organization.
  • The developer team builds a knowledge-base about the business of the customer and about the developed projects
  • High developers performance and quality services.

Development Centers Based Outsourcing Project Steps
  • There are different ways on how you can set up an Outsourcing Development Center. You can start from a fixed-price project and evaluate our quality and management capabilities. Or you can start on timesheet basis and rate our performance.
  • The customers focus on setting major objectives and deadlines. By this way, our customers get the maximum performance of their Development Centers for the lowest in-house management effort and costs.
  • You can outsource the entire software development steps or any one of the steps: business specifications, conceptual design, requirements specification, architecture design, development, implementation, configuration, testing/QA, documentation and support.

Outsourcing Quality Standards
The quality of our consulting services and delivered projects is always high priority for us. We use outsourcing quality methods and techniques established through various successful projects for international banks.
Learn more about our quality standards.  
Optimal Project Design
Our consultants deliver cost effective solutions to complex requirements. Our project implementations are based on the current business needs and expected growth requirements of the customer. Detailed and comprehensive project analysis enables us to offer the ideal deployment platform and reliable/consistent project architecture.
Development Processes
Our customers have entire project transparency, control over the development steps, and predictable deliverables at each development step. We offer two software delivery models: Remote development and on-site/remote development.
Learn more about software development process. 
Support & Maintenance
It is crucial that the developed software system be efficiently maintained, bugs fixed fast and problems resolved quickly. Developed software system must allways remain functional and easy to extend according to the new business requirements.

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