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IT Project Development Steps

Our development steps enables our customers to have full project transparency, control the production steps, and predictable deliverables at each project step.

Step Task Documents
  • Business case creation
  • Collection of requirements
  • Scope the IT structure
  • High-level IT architecture design
  • Analyze critical points&risks
  • Creating a project offer which includes resources, time, equipment, people and cost
  • Project proposal
  • Software Requirements Specifications
  • Project Plan
  • Create an architectural concept
  • Create a detailed plan for the implementation step
  • Software Architecture Document
  • Writing software components
  • Status Reports
  • Creating a QA & Test Plan
  • Realizing QA tests according to Test Plan
  • Fixing bugs and errors, QA Review
  • Test Plan
  • QA Reports
  • Test Reports
  • Training end-users
  • Create user and business manuals and documentation
  • Install the IT project to function at the users site
  • User manuals
  • Business documents
Project Environment
  • ISCOM can install CVS (Version Control) system to coordinate project developers.
  • ISCOM can set up remote access (E.g. terminal services, Cisco WebEx Web Meetings) to allow demonstrations or testing of the project.
Project Tracking
  • With daily, weekly and monthly emails/WebEx Meetings/phone calls, technical issues, project status are discussed.
  • Periodical project updates (Timesheet reports).
Outsourcing Steps
  • The customer provides a high-level specification.
  • ISCOM analyzes the incomming requirements, and prepares the detailed project specification.
  • The customer checks/modifies the specifications prepared by ISCOM.
  • We update the specifications afterwards and prepare a project plan.
  • Development of IT project begins after project proposal arrives. During development process, the project scope can still be modified if needed./li>
  • ISCOM performs QA and code review tests then sends the completed deliverables to the customer.

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